You might have met him in a bar, restaurant or at a party, one thing led to the other and before you knew it you were already dating him without knowing that He is a married man. It can be hard to trust a man you’ve been dating, only to find out that he has been hiding his marital status from you all along.

Men cheat about their marital status with different reasons for instance; if the passion in his marriage is fading away a man will seek the attention of another woman. He might tell you that he is married and in the process of a divorce and other times completely seal the truth from you.

The fear of being rejected for saying that they are married is likely to make him keep it as a secret from any woman that he is with. Many women don’t prefer dating a married man unless they have a serious reason to do so and to be safe men resort to lying about their marital status to keep the relationship going.

A married man trying to date a young girl will definitely lie about his marital status for the girl to find him more attractive. Young girls always get into a relationship with a hope of settling down with the man in future as husband and wife. Men having discovered the soft spot women have for single men they have resorted to lies that show them as potential marriage candidates.

There is a category that lie about it because they can and those who are faithful and honest. You will agree with me that the ones who do pursue other women do it because they are greedy and are bored with what they have at home. The question is why not get a divorce if you want to cheat instead of staying unhappily married to someone and cheat because it’s cheaper to keep her.

My friends will tell me that men lie in order to have their wife at home and the mistress at the hotel. Not funny at all, just ask yourself why then did you make the till death do us apart vow? You might be thinking for an answer or shouting to me to mind my own business.

A lady friend of mine once told me that she has never thought of settling down with a man. I became interested to find out the truth from her and to prove her point she took me to one of the clubs in town.  On arrival at the club we sat at different corners directly opposite to one another for almost one hour before she signaled me to leave. As we were leaving she told me that three out of the five men that had approached her were married and had lied about their marital status. I became anxious and asked her how she found it out. Her answer was “You are a man too and if I reveal the secret you might use it one day” I laughed at her response hoping to convince her to disclose her secret. As I write this article am still hoping that she might one day reveal the secret to me even though I don’t intend to use it.