Is modifying one’s apperance through plastic surgery the only answer to perfect beauty?


With images of celebritie’s well curved bums all over the television,  magazines and the Internet being flooded all over our faces everywhere we turn to, is this the standard acceptable form of beauty? From pop stars whom are idoled by millions of teenage girls around the word to middle aged actresses whom are darlings to professional women, having that perfect body with curves in the right places (enough curves for that matter) seems to be the true definition of beauty.


This form of defined beauty has led to more women wanting to change their bodies just so that they can fit in to the standards of “J-Lo or Nicki Minaj” bootilicious curves leading to an annual increase of women travelling across continents in search of that perfect body. Few years back,  women with deep pockets mostly travelled to the US for quality surgery which costed in excess of $5000 for the most simple procedures,  luckily, currently Mexico, india and China have managed to prove their ability for safe and quality surgery at half the cost and has since made cosmetic surgery more affordable for middle income earners.

The availability and affordability of the surgery continues to be a driving force for more people to seek surgery so as to find that perfect body, but it could come at a huge cost.  In the rush to get that perfect body women are overlooking health and safety hazards by seeking for the cheapest surgery from unqualified surgeons in uncontrolled conditions, this has seen in extreme cases lives being lost and in most cases long term health complications which may lead to cancer or kidney failures. So the question remains, is it worth it in the long run?