Here is why you should think twice before you pop that pill to prevent pregnancy


The pill also known as microgynon is by far the most used birth control method by women around the world. Research shows that in the United Kingdom alone,  the number of women on the pill is over 3.5 million with the age range thought to be from the age of 15 up to the age of 30 but thereafter declines after 35 years of age.


Confidence in the pill has been build over the years and it has proved to prevent pregnancy upto 99% of the time. The fact that it needs to be taken everyday for 21 days for it to be absolutely effective and can only be stopped when one starts menstruating for seven days before they start the cycle again proves to be challenging for most women but it has worked just fine for many whom have been faithful enough not to skip taking their daily doses.

Over the years, it has been known as the magic peel for many young women, but to some the side effects have far outweighed the pleasure it allows them to have withought worrying about pregnancy or long term complications that may come with some birth control measures like the coil. While the side effects known for the pills have been know  to be mood swings, breasts tenderness and mild to moderate headaches the benefits of easing painful and heavy periods have managed to outweigh it’s disadvantages. We spoke to some women whom had used the pill for more than five years about their expirience and why they were giving it up for other alternatives hoping that it will help you whwn trying ti make up your mind about whether to use the pill or give it up;

Lora was advised by her doctor to go for the pill while still a teenager because of a very problematic skin that only brole out during her menstrual periods. While the pill managed to clear her skin up within days of taking the it which as a teenager made her feel like she had won a million bucks,  the down side was also as grand as the benefits from it. She soon realised that she was slowly but progressively loosing interest in the things that she had loved doing that gave her joy including spending time with friends. Her thoughts ” The emotional shut down outweighed any benefits I was getting from it and so I decided to switch and when I did, I was happy to have my life back”.

Mary on the other hand is forever grateful for the magic pill of which she has been a loyal partaker since teenage hood due to her heavy periods and very painful crumps that meant that she was literally unable to function normally during that time of the month. She has been Faithfull to the pill for slightly over nine years now and is not intending to stop any time soon. Her thoughts “I live by the pill for it not only reduces my cramps but gives me the freedom to be normal during my periods”.

For Jenny it is more than a family planning method. Coming from a family background with a history of cancer of the ovary and bowel, she says that she is thankful that her doctor helped her choose a method that is helping her keep the chances of developing cancer to a minimal while also preforming it’s basic duty which is to prevent her from getting pregnant. Her thoughts “I am not seeing myself coming off the pill anytime soon,  it’s more of my lifeline”.

The pill tends to have different reactions in different people based on individual cases. Therefore, it is a personal choice to use, continue or discontinue the use of the pill but seeking a doctor’s opinion if one faces any dilemma will take you along way.