Can you survive in the world of Rich men and Beautiful women?

I have heard this phrase for quite a long time now "Women just love money not the person". This is always the response a...

Esther Arunga gives women tips on how to maintain healthy bedrooms

Women waste so much time wearing perfume over unhygienic bodies. You may never be fully dressed without perfume but sometimes a bad smell is...

Xfactor winner is a 40+ mother of two, Age is just a number!

Whoever nailed the term, age is nothing but a number knew what they were talking about. Sam Bailey the mother of two who was just...

Kanye’s and Kim’s behaviour on Bound 2 video is societal morality at its best

This review on Kanye's new Video says it all. After reading the social media uproar on Wednesday, and various posts on websites, like so many...

Tips for shaving to avoid hair growing back thicker

Is it true that shaving hair regularly on your body may cause it to grow sooner and thicker? Not true, thats one of the...

Look effortlessly warm this winter

Another way to look beautiful effortlessly in this winter  

Kanye Tupac of prada

Watch Kanye mad on this video in a studio  

Rock colours this winter

Who said that winter has to boring? Bring your summer into the winter by spotting bright colors.

Work your nails for holidays

We all love going to the saloon to get a little treat for our nails, I am a huge fan of manicures and pedicures...

Confidence to church? prayers get answered.

Rock this hot sunday looks this sunday

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