2 men reveal why they stopped using steroids to pack cabs and why you should quit too.


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Recently a renowned fitness fanatic Oli Cooney died from excessive prolonged steroid use. While many of us might not know who he was, what drove him to an early grave is a problem that most men can identify with.

While most men choose to burry their heads in the sand and not address the issue, apparently men care about their appearance just the same if not more than women. While women can literary mount tones of make up on their rather average looking faces to instantly make heads turn on the streets, there is little left for the men to do with their faces (straight men) because for them it is all about having a well toned six pack and broad shoulders. Recently the number of men opting for the quick body fix steroids that is much faster than the hundred of hours that can be spent on the gym training has risen so high such that it surpasses the number of women seeking plastic surgery for boobs and behind side (big arse) jobs.While i must admit that results are very impressive, the side effects can be very grave. We spoke to two former steroid users about the side effects that led them to surrender.


“My body was looking great and every where i went i could see both men and women turn their heads to stare back at me, i thought to myself that the steroids were God gift to men like me who were not born with any muscle. The best part was that women always walked on to me and ask me out for a date and it was exciting not having to haunt anymore considering that i had no date for prom in school. but the steroid also had a much darker effect on me, I developed extreme irritability and the smallest of things could send me off the roof with rage. I developed mood swings worse off than a menstruating lady and picked on the slightest things that my friends or people around me did. One day I hit a wall in a restaurant after a small argument and broke my knuckles, ¬†It was the stupidest thing. Slowly my former friends and even my colleagues got fed up with my unpredictability and did not want to be around me, that is when i realised that something had to give.”


“Before i started using the steroids, my body was alright and i felt strong and attractive. Until one day, someone tried to abuse my girlfriend on a night out and when i tried to defend her the boyfriend of the lady who she got into a fight with held me by the neck and almost threw me away like a child. it was so embarrassing and for the first time in my life i realised that i was not as strong as i thought i was. I knew i had to do something and do it first because i loved my girlfriend and not being able to protect her for me meant a weakness as a man and worthless. So is tarted using steroids on a low dose but when i started seeing the changes, i decided to even accelerate the change further by tacking more dosage. I increased the doe up to 7 tablets a day and the results were astonishing within a very short time. Things changed around me and even at the joint where i got the embarrassment the guys did not come close to me. my girlfriend did not ask me about it but i knew it was just about time, because although she loved my new body she did not like that i ate much more and all the time and also that we were no longer having much sex (I mean once in three weeks if lucky). Our sex life went out the window eventually because i had no libido at all no matter what she tried to do, in the meantime i was yearning for more and more steroids because i was afraid that if i stopped then i would go back to my former insecure self. Further down the line I decided to change from pills to injections on the buttcheeks so that i do not have to take the tablets. My relationship was ¬†almost thrown to the dogs but i felt that there still might be a chance of salvaging it as i had begged my girl not leave me for a very long time until this one day when she walked on me in the bedroom injecting myself. On seeing her i dropped the needle down and did not know where to start because all along she had choose not to discuss the steroids issue with me. To cut the story short, she packed and left. I tied to leave on my own for a few months but my life was a wreck without her and i had to do everything to get her back including giving up my acquired good looks”.

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Based on Alex and Bob, the side effects of steroids vary from person to person and the effects could mild to severe according to medical research. While it is a difficult decision to make, it might be time to rethink about steroids use.